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 Short Notes

Kerala Service Rule (KSR) Part I

KSR Part II (TA)

KSR Part III (Pension)

KSR in Nut Shell

Kerala Financial Rule

Kerala Accounts Code

Kerala Treasury Rule

Store Purchase Manual (Note)

Store Purchase Manual 2013 (Original Text)  

Store Purchase Rules - in a nutshell

Kerala Budget Manual

Introduction to Audit

Kerala State & Subordinate Service Rules (KS&SSR)

Special Rules

Manual of Office Procedure

Courts and Procedure

Good Governance

Time Management

Stress Management

Effective Communication

Managing Oneself

Cyber Crimes : Law and Practice

Constitutional Protection to Civil Servants

Formats for Minutes Writing


Emotional Intelligence

Noon Meal Forms

K2 Form    NMP -1     Feeding Strength Form    Contingent Calculator   


SPARK - Entering Transfer,Increment,Promotion and Leave

SPARK - Generating Non Salary Claims - DDO

SPARK - Generating Non Salary Claims - SDO

SPARK - D.A. Arrear Preparation

SPARK - Generating Earned Leave Surrender bill


SPARK - Processing Claims of Temporary Employees - Help 

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