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Malayalam Typing

Installing and using Inscript Malayalam (UNICODE) on your computer

InScript (short for Indian Script) is the decreed standard keyboard layout for Indian scripts using a standard 104 or 105 key layout. This keyboard layout was standardized by the Government of India for inputting text in languages of India written in Brahmic scripts, as well as the Santali language, written in the non-Brahmic Ol Chiki script.It was developed by the Indian Government and supported by several public and private organisations. This is the standard keyboard for 12 Indian scripts including Devanagari, Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu and others.

Required Softwares


Keyboard Layout : Inscript Malayalam 

Font : Meera

Font : AnjaliOldLipi New

Installing Inscript Malaylam

1. Download “Inscript Malayalam” Software and install. Once the Inscript keyboard is installed you need to enable it on the Control Panel of Windows Operating System.

Enabling Inscript Malayalam Keyboard in Windows:

Go to >> Start >> Control Panel >> Region and Languages >> Keyboard and Languages >> Change Keyboards >> Text Services and Input Languages >> General Tab >> Add >> Add Input Language >> Malayalam >> Keyboard >> Tick mark select "Inscript keyboard for Malayalam in Windows Operating System"  >> Apply&OK >> Apply&OK

Look at the screen shots below.

1.Language Option on Control Panel

2.Regional Language Options 

3.Change Keyboards


4.Adding Inscript Keyboard. See now there is only English US Keypad

5.Selecting just installed Inscript Keyboard for Malayalam


6.Now see the General Tab. There is one more keyboard in addition to English US

7.Now we have to switch between English US and Malayalam. For that we need an option on desktop taskbar.Go to Language bar and select "Docked in the taskbar" and click OK

8. After you have done check if 'EN' has appeared in the Task Bar.

9. Check whether pressing the Shift+Alt keys makes the symbols alternate between 'EN' and 'MY'.

Select EN when typing English.

Select MY when typing Malayalam.

As we have finished installing Malayalam Keyboard now we need atleast one good Malayalam UNICODE font to work with.There is one UNICODE font came with Windows OS i,e "Arial Unicode MS" but it is little less comfortable to use and not as cute as our Meera or Anjali.So let us install "Meera" which is the cutest.

Installing Fonts

  1. Download any or all the Malayalam Unicode Fonts viz , Meera, Rachana, AnjaliOldLipi
  1. Copy the fonts and paste into Windows Fonts folder. (Steps - Go to Computer >> C Drive >> Windows >> Fonts )

Now we have completed all the steps related to the installation of Inscript Malayalam.

Let us try typing Malayalam.

Open an MS Word application

1. Select MY from taskbar (Alternatively you can press Shift + Alt)

2.Select Meera from fonts menu and set font size to 16

If you have learnt Malayalam typing already you can start Malayalam now. If you are new to Malayalam typing you need to be thorough with the keyboard layout. Download image of the Inscript Lay out for Malayalam.If you are more serious you can purchase Malayalam keyboard stickers for your computer keyboard and paste them on it.

Malayalam Keyboard Layout for Inscript

Download this Image

Use shift key to get the letters shown on the upper part of each key. Learn typing alphabets for some days on end.

For typing combination letters like  ന്മ  = ന് + മ and chills (ള്‍ ,ല്‍, ന്‍, ര്‍,ണ്‍ ) use the combination letters table below.

Download this Image

That is all for typing perfect Malayalam on your computer. Once the keyboard layout has become thorough you can say Good Bye to “Manglish” and all other imperfect methods of Malayalam Typing.

Ranjith Kumar A.K

Alternatively you can download and use ISM software for Malayalam Typing.All the above steps can be bypassed.
Download ISM Software

Size = 20 MB

Malayalam Fonts

Android App for using Inscript on mobile phones and tabs

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